Why collagen?

A number of studies from around the world provide information on the benefits of using marine fish collagen. Particularly known are the effects of hydrolysed collagen on beauty, i.e. skin, hair and nails.

Collagen is the most important protein in the human body where it makes up to 30 % of body protein. The only collagen molecule can bind up to 50,000 molecules of water and therefore significantly ensures skin hydration. However, starting from the age of 25, its production in the human body is declining and this is reflected mainly in the quality of skin, hair, and nails. The ideal solution is to replace the decline of the body’s own collagen with food supplements containing marine collagen peptides.

kolagen v pleti

The best source of collagen peptides was the marine collagen from the ice waters of Norway. Collagen is obtained from the skin of wild fish (cod) and has the best characteristics to be absorbed and used correctly and effectively by the human body.

How can marine collagen support beauty?

  • Reduction of facial wrinkles
  • Reduction of wrinkles on cleavage and hand skin
  • Pigment stain reduction, mild bleaching effect
  • Shiny, thick hair that does not electrifies
  • Head skin in balance and without dandruffs
  • Firmer nails that do not break or split
  • No hangnails in nail skin
  • Help with acne as collagen can prevent inflammatory processes, accelerate healing, or reduce scars
  • Cellulitis and striae may be less noticeable due to collagen food supplements
  • Marine collagen can also help with losing weight as it is an important source of protein without the presence of sugars and fats

Properties of marine collagen

For beauty – type I collagen

Marine collagen contains mainly type I collagen which is a natural “building block” for human skin. Dermis – the middle layer of skin made up of type I collage in up to 80 %, therefore it is essential to supplement especially this type of collagen for targeted skin rejuvenation.

Easy absorbability due to low molecular weight

Marine collagen has the best absorbability and usability of all known collagens. The low molecular weight of marine collagen peptides (c. 3000 daltons) allows ideal transportation of collagen to areas that need it most. This means to skin, hair, and nails. Collagen peptides from fish are absorbed into the body up to 1.5 times more efficiently than other types of collagens (pork, chicken or beef).

Fast absorbability due to low melting point

One invaluable positive property of marine collagen, whose source is cod from Norwegian ice waters, is its low melting point. Easy, quick solubility ensures effective absorption through the vascular system directly into skin. Skin, hair and nails are immediately nourished and rejuvenated.

Collagen and ecology

If we make comparison in the production of collagen (pork, beef) then the collagen peptides from marine fish are the most environmentally friendly. Marine collagen is obtained mainly from a raw material which does not have a further use in the food industry. It is the highest quality and the utilisation of the source (wild sea fish) to the last gram. Therefore, the use of marine collagen contributes to greater environmental sustainability.