COLLAMEDIC luxury 3-in-1 collagen set

A complete intense anti-wrinkle cure (drink, capsules, serum). A cure for beautiful wrinkle-free skin, strong hair and nails. Buy a set to save 280 CZK and get a GIFT: 1x Vitamin C + FREE delivery.

The set includes complete cure for wrinkle-free skin, beautiful hair and nails. It consists of a collagen drink in powder, a hyaluronic acid capsule, rejuvenating serum and vitamin C to promote the actual formation of collagen.



An intense rejuvenating cure for the skin that:

  • needs fast and effective reinforcement and hydration at a high level,
  • has suffered severe strain (stress, illness).

We recommend starting with the luxury set to ensure rapid collagen restoration. After this intense monthly cure, it is possible to switch to COLLAMEDIC® collagen powder and to continue the collagen therapy preferably for 3 months.


After this period, clients note:

  • skin improvement (facial contours strengthening, wrinkles),
  • hair strengthening, growth acceleration, better hair style hold,
  • nail strengthening and growth acceleration (return to natural nails from gel ones),
  • cellulitis mitigation (due to skin strengthening).


The set includes food supplements and cosmetics

  • COLLAMEDIC® collagen powder 5000 mg – 30 sachets
  • COLLAMEDIC® hyaluronic acid capsules – 120 capsules
  • COLLAMEDIC® collagen serum 50 ml
  • VITAMIN C 500 mg time release, 30 capsules, Collagen Booster (119 CZK, for free)

Use We recommend dividing the hyaluronic capsules into two daily doses (i.e. 2 capsules in the morning and 2 in the evening). The collagen drink (powder in sachets) can be prepared at any time during the day or drunk with the capsules. Vitamin C can be accompanied with both the drink and the hyaluronic capsules. Use one capsule per day.